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Mille Feuille 法式千层酥 , Shrub Rose , 2 Years Old 1 Gal, Non-Grafted/Own Root.

Mille Feuille 法式千层酥 , Shrub Rose , 2 Years Old 1 Gal, Non-Grafted/Own Root.

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Mille Feuille Rose features white blossoms adorned with delicate pink stripes, creating a stunning floral display. With a generous diameter of 8 centimeters, these flowers emit a subtle fragrance and boast a prolonged blooming period across multiple seasons. Exhibiting excellent flowering characteristics, the cup-shaped blooms present a charming combination of white petals with soft pink stripes, complemented by blush tones on a light yellow base. With a compact growth habit reaching a height of 60-80 centimeters, this rose variety is well-suited for container cultivation. Its sweet and candy-like aroma adds an enchanting touch to any garden or landscape.
Hardiness Zone: 5-10

SHIPS IN ORIGINAL PLANTER: To prevent root damage, all of our plants will be shipped in their original planters.

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